Fenotropil is a new representative of the group of nootropics and is known for its positive effect on the blood supply to the brain and its cognitive functions.

The main active ingredient is a substance that has a complex chemical name and is briefly called "fenotropil". The clinical effect of Phenotropil is manifested in an increase in endurance during psychoemotional loads, a decrease in the frequency of mood swings, leveling of an overstrain.

The drug has found its use in neurology for the treatment of various diseases of the nervous system. It is also used in healthy people to increase resistance to stress factors and prevent overwork.

Clinico-pharmacological group

Nootropic drug.

Terms of sale from pharmacies

You can buy by prescription.


How much is Phenotropil in pharmacies? The average price is at 1,200 rubles.

Composition and release form

The drug Fenotropil is produced in the form of tablets for oral use in blisters of 10 pieces, an instruction manual with a detailed description is included in the medicine box.

  • One tablet contains the active substance (fenotropil) - 100 mg; excipients: potato starch - 46.48 mg; lactose monohydrate (milk sugar) - 51.52 mg; Calcium stearate - 2 mg.

Pharmacological effect

This tool helps to improve the integrative function of the brain, which leads to an increase in the quality of mental abilities, improved consolidation of memory, learning and concentration. The drug has an anticonvulsant effect, has anxiolytic properties, improves mood, restores the processes of inhibition and arousal in the brain, and also has anorectic effects.

The use of Fenotropil provides increased resistance of brain tissue during hypoxia. Due to the neuroprotective properties of the drug, among the indications can be distinguished pathology, provoked by exposure to toxic substances and hypoxia.

This tool provides improved blood supply to the brain, and also activates metabolic processes in neurons. In the process of using Phenotropil, the regional blood flow rises under hypoxic conditions, an improvement in the energy potential of neurons, which occurs as a result of enhanced glucose utilization, is noted. Phenotropil does not affect the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs. Course application improves visual acuity, as well as enhances the perception of the brightness of colors. This tool helps to increase resistance to stressful situations caused by excessive emotional and physical stress.

The drug has a moderate effect on motor reactions, helps to reduce the inhibitory effect of ethanol and hexenal on brain tissue. This tool has an analgesic effect, increasing the pain sensitivity threshold. The use of Phenotropil improves blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities. The drug is characterized by low toxicity. The drug does not cause the development of withdrawal syndrome, tolerance or drug dependence.

When you take this tool orally, it is quickly absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract and penetrates the blood-brain barrier. The maximum concentration of the drug is observed one hour after administration. Phenotropil is not metabolized in the body. The elimination half-life averages three to five hours. This remedy is excreted in the urine, bile and sweat.

Indications for use

Fenotropil - a substance that works with the most complex diseases related to the direction of pathologies of the brain and central nervous system. That is why the list of indications is formed mainly from diseases directly or indirectly related to the neurological profile.

What is it for? The main indications for use Fenotropila:

  • depressive states in various forms and degrees of severity;
  • psychoorganic syndromes (including schizophrenia);
  • propensity for convulsions (epilepsy, convulsive syndrome);
  • obesity;
  • preventive measures (resistance to stressful situations);
  • various diseases of the nervous system;
  • vascular diseases of the brain;
  • disorders of metabolic processes in the brain;
  • post-traumatic disorders and CNS intoxication;
  • chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency;
  • impairment due to motor activity;
  • problems with attention, memory and ability to concentrate;
  • neurotic problems (lethargy, decreased psychomotor capabilities);
  • learning disruption;
  • removal of the negative effects of hypoxia;
  • maintaining the body in extreme situations;
  • violation of natural biorhythms (including treatment of insomnia);
  • chronic alcohol dependence.

The tasks solved by the drug are complex and require special attention, therefore, it is impossible to use the drug without prior consultation with a specialist.


It is contraindicated to prescribe Fenotropil in the following cases:

  • increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Appointment during pregnancy and lactation

According to the conducted clinical trials, no teratogenic or mutagenic effect of Fenotropil on the fetal development of the fetus was detected. Despite this information, the drug Fenotropil is not prescribed to women during pregnancy due to the lack of clinical experience of use and not proven safety for the child.

If necessary, treatment with the drug Fenotropil during breastfeeding lactation is recommended to interrupt, since the active substance of the drug can be released with milk and into the body of a child.

Dosage and method of use

As indicated in the instructions for use, the dosing regimen is set individually. Fenotropil accept inside immediately after food.

The average single dose is 100-200 mg, the average daily dose is 200-300 mg. The maximum daily dose is 750 mg. It is recommended to divide the daily dose into 2 doses. The daily dose to 100 mg should be taken 1 time / day in the morning, the daily dose of more than 100 mg should be divided into 2 doses. The duration of treatment can vary from 2 weeks to 3 months. The average duration of treatment is 30 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated in a month.

With alimentary constitutional obesity - 100-200 mg 1 time per day in the morning for 30-60 days.

To improve performance, 100-200 mg is prescribed 1 time per day in the morning for 2 weeks (for athletes, 3 days).

It is not recommended to take Fenotropil after 15 h.

Adverse reactions

From side effects are possible:

  1. Redness of the skin.
  2. Feeling warm.
  3. Increased pressure.
  4. Excessive arousal.
  5. Insomnia while taking medicine at night.

With the appearance of side effects, it is recommended to reduce the dosage of the drug, and then gradually increase it to the required amount.


Currently, cases of overdose with Fenotropil have not been described in medicine, but in order to avoid side effects and CNS depression it is not recommended to exceed the dose prescribed by the doctor.

In the case of ingestion of a large number of tablets, the patient urgently needs to wash the stomach, introduce sorbents inside and, if necessary, carry out symptomatic treatment.

Special instructions

Do not recommend to appoint children in connection with the lack of clinical data on the use of the drug in children.

It is characterized by low toxicity, the lethal dose in the acute experiment is 800 mg / kg. No carcinogenic effect.

It should be borne in mind that in case of excessive psycho-emotional exhaustion against the background of chronic stress and fatigue, chronic insomnia, a single dose of Fenotropil in the first 24 hours can cause a sharp need for sleep. It is recommended for such patients on an outpatient basis to start taking the drug on non-working days.

Compatibility with other drugs

Phenotropil may enhance the action of CNS stimulating drugs, antidepressants and nootropic drugs.


We offer to read the reviews of people who used Fenopropil:

  1. Maksim. I took 200 mg of phenotropyl every morning. I want to share my observations. Now I’m not going to tear me away from work, a lot of thoughts in my head, a lot of ideas, I put everything on paper and write it down. Also, the need for sleep almost disappears, I don’t want to sleep at all, and this is all from the morning drug intake. And if I drank it at night, I probably wouldn't have slept at all. I also eat much less, considering that I am a man. I can do a day salad, kefir, tea, light soup. In general, the horror)))
  2. Ian Excellent medicine to lose weight and prepare for exams. I started drinking it a couple of months after Phenibut to improve my brain activity. It helped a lot, quickly memorized and understood the material, but I noticed that I was losing weight. I realized that fenotropil reduces appetite. It is sold by prescription, but like with all other medicines, if you ask for it very much, it will be sold as well. I spent two weeks and stopped, because there were no exams and there was no need. It was very hard for me to learn right after I stopped drinking Fenotropil, but then I got used to it.
  3. Alexander. Great drug. Performance improves well. Only the truth is better not to drink after 15:00. Then you do not want to sleep for a long time. And the next morning, sleepy 🙂 And yet, he could not take a long time. The doctor wrote out after shaking and dizziness. Then he drank. But if you take 2-3 tablets a day to drink every day, after two weeks, the headache in the back of your head starts to hurt, and you need to take a break for at least a couple of months.

Doctors reviews about Fenotropil usually positive, but with a mandatory alarm component. The positive opinion of doctors is based on the high clinical efficacy of the drug, which actually activates the brain, improves memory, speed of reaction, concentration and, in principle, improves intellectual function. That is, if necessary, to obtain the effect of an active, well and quickly working brain Fenotropil is an excellent tool that works, both for one-time and course use.

However, together with an indication of the excellent clinical effect, doctors always insert into the alarming potential user Fenotropil an aspect, which usually consists in describing the condition that occurs after the termination of the “miracle pill”. This condition is very unpleasant, painful and poorly tolerated, because a person feels overwhelmed, inhibited, and clearly poorly functioning of the brain. Figuratively, one can say that after an excellent acumen against the background of Phenotropil, complete stupidity sets in when not just lacking clarity and clarity of thoughts, but it is impossible to remember and pick up ordinary words to describe everyday situations. This results from the fact that Fenotropil gives energy and the increased mental activity from the hidden reserves of an organism which then should be restored. And after the effect of the drug ends, natural fatigue occurs, multiplied by the depletion of body reserves. Moreover, the recovery period, inhibited state and stupefaction will last the longer, the longer was the reception Fenotropil.


If necessary, Fenotropil can be replaced with an analogue according to the ATC code - these are nootropic preparations:

  1. Vinpotropil,
  2. Glycine,
  3. Divaz,
  4. Cortexin
  5. Omaron.

Before buying an analogue, consult your doctor.

Phenotropil or Piracetam?

Phenotropil is a compound of Phenibut and Piracetam, therefore it has simultaneously the effects of both drugs. Fenotropil has a pronounced psycho-stimulating effect (elevates mood, eliminates anxiety and fears, creates feelings that everything is fine, etc.), which Piracetam lacks. In addition, Piracetam leads to a pronounced clinical effect only after taking a course, and Fenotropil - after a single use, and after a course of therapy.

Therefore, Piracetam is optimally suitable for the course of treatment of various disorders of cerebral circulation, when it is necessary to achieve a lasting effect without psychostimulation. Phenotropil can be used for single use if it is necessary to perform a large amount of work.

Phenibut or Fenotropil?

Phenibut is a kind of precursor of Phenotropil, since it was on its basis that a new drug was synthesized. Both are nootropics, but Fenotropil also has an additional psychostimulant effect. Therefore, if necessary, improve cerebral circulation should choose Phenibut, and if you want to improve mental performance first, then Fenotropil.

Both drugs have a quick effect, and the clinical effect is manifested literally from 1 - 3 doses. However, from the point of view of the safety of exposure to brain structures, Phenibut is preferable to Fenotropil.

Shelf life and storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the drug away from children at room temperature, for a period of no longer than 5 years from the date of manufacture. After the expiration date of the drug can not be taken orally.

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