How to treat a sore throat without fever in adults

Angina is an infectious disease that is usually accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils. The causative agents of this disease are considered staphylococci or streptococci. Since a sore throat is a contagious disease, it is not difficult to catch it when it comes into contact with an unhealthy person. Does a sore throat happen without fever?

Rhinitis in adults - symptoms and treatment at home

Rhinitis or runny nose is called the inflammatory process of the nasal cavity. Often, rhinitis is only a symptom of the disease. For example, a runny nose may appear during a viral infection and with a bacterial infection, and even be the result of mechanical irritation. In addition, rhinitis is divided into acute and chronic.

Angina - what is it? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Angina pectoris is a common heart disease that, when progressed, leads to chronic heart failure and myocardial infarction. Angina pectoris is often seen as a symptom of coronary artery lesions - a sudden pressing pain behind the sternum that occurs on the background of physical exertion or a stressful situation.

Heart bradycardia: what is it and how to treat it?

Bradycardia is a decrease in heart rate (HR), accompanied by a decrease in heart rate. A pulse is considered normal, ranging from 60 to 90 beats per minute. If a person has a heart rate less than 60 units, then this condition is indicated by the term "bradycardia". Translated from the Greek, it means: bradys - slow and kardia - heart.